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The satisfaction interval by Hugues Joublin

Have you written down your resolutions for 2023? If you are like the consultants at SALIENCE Communication, you surely know that it is not so much the resolutions that matter as the achievement gap during the year. Why is this?
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Episode #3 – Crisis management: Living with it

“The grass that grows after the fire has the smell of smoke” says the Native Indian proverb. What is left of a crisis, when the hustle and bustle of life has removed its urgency and focus? What remains is the smell of smoke… Which brings the crisis back to what [...]
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Episode #1 – Crisis management: Learning to navigate the waves

One of the most common clichés in the field of crisis management is the notion of learning. That we should learn from the crises. As if the mechanisms of salience – that is to say, of emergence – and then of development of the crisis, could be dissected and the causal [...]
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Rare Disease Day and then what?

A week after the 14th edition of the global Rare Disease Day, what remains of it? LinkedIn and other social media experienced an expected outbreak of communications activities, hearty corporate commitment and engagement messages. Then the international news flow imposed its ever-changing agenda. Today’s comments have strayed away from rare [...]
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