Transform your ideas into salient landmarks

At the origin of everything, there is always an idea

Our credo

A company, a product, a destiny, or a process are all, first and foremost, the expression of an idea.

This idea does not exist by itself. It sprouts and blossoms in a field full of other ideas, either different or aligned, competitive or complementary.

To emerge and be successful, your idea must become the magnet of a supportive semantic field. It needs to get encapsulated into a powerful narrative. It must express a clear positioning and be served by a communications strategy that makes it salient, for long and for all your stakeholders.

In a complex ecosystem of arguments, brands, channels and stakeholders, asserting your ideas is key to your individual and company success. It takes a meaningful approach of communications, both pertinent and efficient.

Transform your ideas into salient landmarks


SALIENCE communication is a communications agency that is dedicated to singularizing and leveraging ideas. We help organizations, individuals and brands achieve success through an efficient communication of their ideas.

Our straight-forward mission is to transform your ideas, brands and projects into salient landmarks that will anchor your success. We give them strength and distinctiveness. We explain them, defend them and plant them within your community with a unique, differentiating and visible stand that makes sense to your stakeholders.

Salience, so to speak…


/ˈseɪ.li.əns/ noun: salience; plural: saliencies

The quality of being particularly noticeable or important; prominence (Oxford dictionary)

From Latin verb salire (to leap)

The expression “salient point” refers to the heart of an embryo, which seems to leap, and translates Latin punctum saliens, going back to Aristotle's writings. Hence, the “starting point” of anything.

« Salience » did you say ?

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