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SALIENCE communication is a communications agency that is dedicated to singularizing and leveraging ideas. We help organizations, individuals and brands achieve success through an efficient communication of their ideas.
Our straight-forward mission is to transform your ideas, brands and projects into salient landmarks that will anchor your success.
We give them strength and distinctiveness.
We explain them, defend them and plant them within your community with a unique, differentiating and visible stand that makes sense to your stakeholders.
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Reinventing Client-Agency relationships



SALIENCE Communication is organized around the leadership of Hugues Joublin, and gathers professionals from different expertise, to suit clients’ needs and projects. 


Our diverse capabilities and our flexible structure allow us to provide customized, 360-degree solutions in a cost-effective manner .


Meet some of our talents :
Hugues, Shipra, Hayley, Patrick, Tzu, Kimberley, Elise...

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the blog
November 19, 2022

Episode #3 – Crisis management: Living with it

"The grass that grows after the fire has the smell of smoke" says the Native Indian proverb. What is left of a crisis, when the hustle and bustle of life has removed its urgency and focus? What remains is the smell of smoke... Which brings the crisis back to what it is not - an […]
November 16, 2022

Episode #2 – Crisis management: To weigh in, or not to weigh in, that is the question!

In times of crisis, the narrative - which is often a simplified, linear version of a polymorphous, complex reality - does not do much to help us to understand the crisis, and worse can provoke or further feed it
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